Online Videos

I seldom find myself watching standard scheduled television; some years ago I realised the value of time and rearranged my priority list to be more aligned to my growing thirst for learning… Not only that, I found I could find more interesting visual content online than what was being served through the cable company onto my 42″ Panasonic TV – and on my agenda rather than the agenda that an agenda for the masses.

I try to avoid the rabbit holes that contain clips of ‘funny cats’ and ‘crazy dogs’ that can have you laughing deliriously, and lean more towards finding informative content. Given it is easy enough to find yourself scurrying down the rabbit hole traps, below, in no particular order, I share some of the videos I feel are worth sharing for personal growth. Enjoy!

Oskar Shindler Document (part 1)


Warren Buffett On Investment Strategy


Steve Jobs On Marketing


How the Economic Machine Works – Ray Dalio


What Really Matters at the End of Life


Al Pacino’s Inspirational Speech



Dead Poets Society: Why do we read and write poetry?



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