Learning, earning and returning; I cannot recall where I first heard this mantra, but when I did it stuck with me. It was is a simple angle to help focus in on a complex object – Life.

It goes like this – think of your life in three-thirds: The first third is about learning, building your skill-set, progressively moving towards mastery; the second third is about earning, capitalising on your hard work and previous experience; then there’s the final third, returning, giving back to society and contributing to what compels you most.

There is no hard line that demarks where these three life segments stop and start, in fact, I believe you should never stop learning or feel like you have stopped learning, equally, I believe in paying forward as well as paying back bringing the returning third within your “earning” segment; however, the premise still remains in the form of the three pillars, regardless on how you decide to implement it in your own life.

Something to ponder on…


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