Welcome to The Deep Blue Ponder.

For me, The Deep Blue Ponder serves many purposes, but its main purpose is to capture my thoughts on the perennial digital paper, pontificating on various eclectic subjects that I may not be qualified enough to thoroughly critique, but that I and many others witness throughout the journey of life in the twenty-first century; notwithstanding, I would like to impart with any little knowledge I may have to share with the world.

Starting this at 28 years of age, I trust that it will give me enough runway to collect my perpetually evolving perspective on the topics that might interest you but, at least, has interested me enough to take time and ponder on the subject. Of course, I totally appreciate that some of these notes may have no relevance to a significant amount of you, but if you have read up to this point, I thank you.

Writing doesn’t come naturally to me, it usually requires a confluence of caffeine dose or glass of wine and soulfully soothing background music, but I hope, with practice, by laying down my thoughts on the Deep Blue Ponder there will be a gradual improvement in my articulation and the conveyance of my thoughts, enough to make it a pleasurable read.

With that said, I thank you again for visiting, I appreciate your patience and I wish you every success in what you set out to do!

Yours truly,


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